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Mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Jungfrau region, Switzerland


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Walking, hiking in the mountains surrouding the Lauterbrunnen valley and Grindelwald valley
Walks in the mountains of Berner Oberland, Jungfrau region, Switzerland

On this page you will find a few, of the very many, walks in the mountains surrounding the village Lauterbrunnen and the village Grindelwald in Berner Oberland.

When you click on the map below a larger version appears. The numbers of these walks are indicated on that big map.

When you click on a number of a walk a new windows opens with photos and some information of the walk (walk 1 to 9).

Most of the pictures of the walks are taken with an analog camera and in time I hope to replace them with pictures taken with my new digital camera.


This is a picture of the site:
Click on the map, a larger map appears with numbers of walks on it. You can click on the walks 1 to 9.

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